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In this book I have described various aspects of vitamin B12 from prevalence of deficiency to how to treat deficiency symptoms. The bulk of the book is designated to the many different symptoms deficiency of this nutrient is manifested by. I believe this book is my most important book on nutrition because of its potential to help individuals avoid serious health complications resulting from a deficiency of this nutrient.

In this book, I have described how to plan a vegan diet during pregnancy, lactation and while feeding young children to ensure nutrient deficiencies not develop. I have also discussed myths regarding aspects of vegan eating, including those related to consumption of soybean products.

Nutrition plays a very important role in aging. Older individuals have specific nutritional needs. In this book, I have described anatomical and physiological changes associated with aging and how nutrition can help with delaying or even reversing age-related anatomical and physiological changes.

In this book I have described the principles of healthy diet. I did not develop my own diet. I have described principles of healthy eating based on hundreds of published studies.

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This book contents three parts. It talks about the need for a vegetarian diet in light of practices and their impact of raising animals for meat in modern animal agriculture. It summarizes many studies that support well-planned vegetarian diet helping to prevent and in some cases reverse several chronic health conditions, such as atherosclerosis or type 2 diabetes. The last part deals with planning a healthy vegetarian diet.

Religious books

This book is a blend of biblical passages and nutrition science. It turns out, the Bible has a lot to say about diet, foods, and attitude of people toward eating. Many principles of eating found in the Bible are supported by finding from nutrition research. The book contains dozens of biblical passages and summaries of dozens of nutrition research supporting the biblical concepts of foods and eating.

Although many Christians believe that when people die, their soul goes either to heaven or hell, this concept is not supported by the Bible. Instead, the only hope for eternal life found in the Scriptures is resurrection, which is to take place at the second coming of Jesus Christ. In this book I have described the biblical hope of eternal life. I have also explained the meaning of passages that seemingly support souls currently living in heaven or hell.

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